Diet Plan for Weight Loss Day 1

Are you ready to kickstart your weight loss journey? Day 1 of your diet plan is crucial for setting the tone and momentum for your entire week ahead. Let’s dive into a comprehensive and effective strategy to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Diet Chart For Weight Loss Day 01 

 Meal 1: 7:00 AM

  • 5 almond  soaked
  • Black pepper seeds ( swallow 3-4 seeds)
Meal 2: 8:00 AM

  • ½ Cup low fat milk without sugar or
  • 1 Cup Green Tea
 Meal 3: 9:30 AM

  • OATS in Milk or
  • Apple Curd Smoothie
Meal 4: 11:30 AM

  • Any Fruit (Except Mango, Banana, Chikkoo, Grapes)
Meal 5: 2:00 PM

  • OATS Chila + Tomato Chutney or
  • OATS Roti + Mix Veg Subji (No potatoes/Corn/Paneer)
Meal 6: 4:00 PM

  • Makhana Cucumber Salad
Meal 7: 6:00 PM

  • One Cup green Tea
  • Half handful of unsalted dry roasted chana
Meal 8: 8:00 PM

  • Repeat Breakfast
Meal 9: 11:00 PM

  • Lemon Chia seed water


Day 1 of your diet plan sets the stage for success on your weight loss journey. By making mindful food choices, staying hydrated, and prioritizing self-care, you can kickstart your transformation with confidence. Stay focused, stay motivated, and remember that every healthy choice you make brings you one step closer to your goals. Here’s to a successful Day 1 and a brighter, healthier future ahead!



  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least 8-10 glasses.
  • Avoid sugary drinks, processed foods, and excessive snacking.
  • Incorporate regular physical activity for best results.


Remember, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional or a nutritionist before starting any new diet plan, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or dietary restrictions.


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